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 7 reviews
Highly recommended

After my first fur baby died suddenly and unexpectedly, somehow the stars aligned and I ended up with a 10 week old puppy. I've never had a puppy before but I learned quickly that she's smarter than me 😉 A neighbour recommended Brenda for grooming so I checked the website and found out there's also boarding, daycare and training at the facility! I had heard that training classes aren't really for the dogs, but to teach the owners how to deal with them properly. After having been to only four training sessions I know that's the best decision made, ever. The socialization for the puppies is excellent as is the training for the owners. When the time comes I know I'll be bringing my fluff monster to TUPS for grooming and daycare as well.

Thank you.

I just wanted to say thanks again for always taking such great care of Tito! He is never stressed when he comes home and I know it's because you guys are so good at what you do.He LOVES his new ball too!

by Candace Schultz on The Ultimate Paw Spa Inc.
Thank you to The Ultimate Paw Spa!

Being new to the community, it's tough to find new businesses for services and trying them out and recognizing when you've found a good one is very important.We took our puppy to a groomer for his first cut a couple of months ago. The groomer was rude, abrupt, and really didn't give you that please come back again you know what? WE DIDN'T!I'd like to say a huge thank you to The Ultimate Paw Spa Inc. for being a topnotch facility and making us feel comfortable in leaving our pup there. The cut is adorable and we'll be back again!!#supportlocal GOOD LOCAL and share your experiences! 

by Kristin Bond on The Ultimate Paw Spa Inc.
Highly recommended

After a friend recommended Ultimate Paws I decided to take my golden retriever for a bath and tidy. I was beyond impressed with the results! The booking arrangements, drop off, and pickup was great too. Highly recommend the TUPS team and we will surely be seeing them at the new location soon!

by Kelly Saramaga on The Ultimate Paw Spa Inc.
Private Dog Training Lesson

I am so so so impressed with The Ultimate Paw Spa tonight. Our super awesome dog has one tiny issue of pulling while he walks (he's 80 lbs) so we had her out for a private training lesson. In five minutes flat they had a temporary solution where my toddler can now walk our dog with one finger, and in the next 50 minutes I learned how to train him to loose leash walk and to not clobber friends when they come through our door. I was open minded, although skeptical, but honestly this lady knows her stuff. If you are on the fence about training your dog it's so worth the money to go to her class or have her out. You won't regret it.~ from the I Love Chestermere Face Book Page at

by Zoe Gottwald on The Ultimate Paw Spa Inc.

We recently visited The Ultimate Paw Spa for a full grooming for our 4 year old bulldog Chilli. They were very responsive to me when I first reached out to her. They did an excellent job with the grooming! Chilli has never looked or smelled so good 🙂 They have a way with animals too, and I just knew they 100% knew their stuff. They made some great suggestions on his care too. I highly recommend The Ultimate Paw Spa and their services. I am glad we have a fantastic groomer in Chestermere and would not think of going anywhere else.

Had my dog groomed by The Ultimate Paw Spa yesterday for the first time. That feeling you get when you know you left something dearest to you in the right hands. Definitely returning. Would recommend to anyone who is searching for the right groomer/dog care.