Dog Training Classes

The Ultimate Paw Spa, Inc.,  offers dog training sessions through the year. For the latest schedule of upcoming training classes, please see Schedule for Dog Training Classes.

What can you expect?

Please note that prices described below are the current regular prices for each service. Prices do not include GST. For the latest specials and discounts, check the TUPS Facebook Page or Specials & Promotions.

Puppy Start Right

This class is the ultimate class for puppies 10 through 20 weeks of age.  We’ll teach the puppies how to socialize with dogs, people, noises, objects, and surroundings, introduce them to sit, stay, and go to your mat, have some play time, and even do agility!  This class runs Thursdays from 7.00 – 7:45 pm. Puppies can start any Thursday and come for 6 sessions, until they are 20 weeks (five months) of age.  This class also includes free daycare on training days.  You won’t want to miss it!


Pet Dog Manners

Your go-to class for all dogs five months of age and older, we’ll teach the dogs reliable sits, downs, stay, come, walking on leash, and a trick or two!  This class is offered in both clicker and non-clicker formats.  Class price includes six weeks of training, a clicker if the clicker format is chosen, and free daycare on training days.



Rally-O (Rally for short) is a sport focused on obedience with some fun add-ins. It is not your typical obedience class and its low impact activities are ideal for puppies, senior dogs, dogs with limited injuries where a high impact sport is not appropriate (e.g., hip dysplasia dogs), and dogs who love to learn! Classes are six weeks long and taught by a qualified Rally-O judge and experienced instructor.



Nosework is an awesome sport for any dog! Dogs are trained to detect odours and perform searches to find the odour. A fantastic class for dogs who have trouble focusing or like to bark (did you know it’s physically impossible to bark and sniff at the same time?!). Classes run for six weeks.



Agility is a fast paced sport where dogs learn to follow a course of jumps, tunnels, planks, see saws, and more! Truly a team sport with their handler, agility is excellent for dogs in good physical health and especially shy or nervous dogs. Watch your dog shine as he learns to trust you! We allow puppies to participate; however, activities will be modified to respect their growing bodies and growth plates. Classes run for six weeks.