Daycare FAQ

Do I need a reservation?

Daycare is operated on a drop-in basis.


What are your drop off and pick up hours?

Daycare dogs may be dropped off any time during business hours, but must be picked up by 7pm.

Why is my dog in a crate from 6pm – 7pm?

Our training classes start between 6pm – 6:30pm, so in order to clean the facility and prepare for classes the dogs are moved upstairs and crated.  This also provides them with essential “down time” before going home so they can relax.  It is also our feeding time for boarding dogs, so ensuring all dogs are crated during this time keeps them safe.


What does “open concept” mean?

At The Ultimate Paw Spa, Inc., our facility is designed to allow dogs to play all day and make themselves comfy at night.  We are cage-free, except by request, so dogs will have access to beds to lay on, or the floor, or a blanket – whatever makes them happy!


Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

All dogs must be current on DA2PP (Distemper, Adenovirus type 2, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus) and Rabies.  Bordatella is recommended.  In lieu of vaccines, we do accept titer testing to prove your dog’s protection against infectious disease.


Do you accept difficult dogs?

Because of the open concept nature of our facility, dogs accepted for daycare must not present a risk to themselves, other dogs, staff or the public.


Do you accept intact animals?

Dogs under the age of nine months do not need to be spayed or neutered however, if your female dog is in heat she will not be permitted to attend to avoid risk of accidental pregnancy.  Dogs nine months and older must be altered to come play with us.


Will my Yorkie be playing with a Mastiff?

Lucky for you, little Fluffy will have his own play space with friends his size!  Because safety is paramount, all dogs will be divided into playgroups with dogs their own size and play-level.


What will my dog do all day?

At The Ultimate Paw Spa, Inc., we believe daycare should be more than just dogs running around in a room all day.  We’ve designed our programs to be educational and mentally and physically stimulating.  We have everything from building blocks to climb on and under, agility equipment to play on, mini training sessions, fetch sessions, story time, turn down time at night, and more!


What if my dog becomes sick or injured?

In the event of illness or injury which requires medical care, we will first attempt to contact the owner on file prior to your dog being transported to your personal veterinarian when possible (based on time of day and location).  In the event we cannot transport to your veterinarian, we will transport to Fish Creek 24 Hour Pet Hospital for care.  All veterinary expenses incurred will be charged in your name and payable prior to the release of your pet.


Do you board cats?

Due to the nature of our business, and the layout of our facility, we are unable to accept cats for boarding at this time.