Boarding FAQ

Boarding Q&A

How much does overnight care cost?

Overnight boarding is charged at $38 per night during non peak periods and $42 per night during peak periods.  Peak periods are all long weekends from Friday to Monday, July and August, and December 20 – January 5 each year.


Is food included?

In order to provide your pet with the most comfortable experience possible, we ask that you bring any food or treats from home.  Additionally, any blankets, bedding, or toys you wish to bring may be brought however we cannot accept any responsibility in the event they are destroyed.


What if my dog won’t eat?

Dogs dietary habits are monitored closely during boarding.  In the event your dog goes off his food, we will provide a variety of canned foods, rice and beef or chicken, broth, or veterinary food.  For this reason, it is important to disclose any allergies or health conditions at intake.


Are the dogs crated for boarding?

Our boarding is partial open-concept.  During the day, from Monday to Friday from 7am – 10pm the dogs are out and playing, with the exception of feeding times when they are crated. Dogs are crated from 10pm – 7am for sleep.  On weekends, dogs are crated from 10pm – 6am for sleep, and have play periods from 6-10am and 6-10pm.


Is it safe to leave my dog alone overnight?

Yes.  Dogs are never left for more than eight hours (the equivalent of a work day).  In addition, we have high quality cameras that are logged into by several staff members several times per hour, and a high quality alarm system for smoke, fire, and theft.  Further to that, our daycare manager is a 1.5 minute walk from the premises and our owner is a three minute drive.  Finally, in the event we are boarding more than ten dogs in a night, an overnight staff member will be on site.


What if there is an emergency?

In the event of a medical emergency, your pet will be transported to either Fish Creek 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital or a local veterinary clinic.  In the event of fire or flood, all dogs will be evacuated and moved to High Tails Pet Resort with whom we have partnered for emergency situations.